Selasa, 26 Juli 2011

New Blackberry App: ReplyGuard for Blackberry

Hand in hand we show an application ToolBerry bright for its extreme simplicity and practicality. Did you ever regretted sending an e-mail to people who did not belong? Have you ever played the "Reply All" or "Reply to All" when in fact they just wanted to send a single person? Then ReplyGuard is for you. Keep reading after the cut for more information. simple: ReplyGuard gives us the chance to choose not to send an e-mail when more than one recipient, with a quick pop up window that gives us the option to repent, so you can choose whether or not to send that e-mail demanding.

The application will run silently in the background, ready to fire if necessary, and can be configured to your taste and pleasure to make better use of it. Definitely ReplyGuard is mandatory for most use their e-mail accounts, especially in the workplace.
Undoubtedly, ReplyGuard is an application that you can even say that it should come built into the operating system of our BlackBerry. For only $ 2.95 and a three-day free trial is definitely an app that can not miss the daily user of smartphones.

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