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Cara MyZoomAds - Alternatif Triple Threat Terbaik Terbukti Membayar

Apabila kamu sedang mencari alternatif pendapatan online selain dari Triplethr3at ataupun Traffic Monsoon maka MyZoomAds bisa dijadikan sebagai alternat pilihan terbaik yang bisa kamu coba untuk mendapatkan uang dari internet. Cara kerjanya hampir sama dengan Triplethr3at, jadi bila kamu sudah sering bermain Triplethr3at maka tidak akan mengalami kesulitan untuk memulai MyZoomAds.

Langkah pertama silahkan kamu DAFTAR MyZoomAds

Setelah berhasil daftar kamu bisa langsung membeli AdsPack ataupun membeli membership. Berbeda dengan Triple Threat dimana hanya ada satu pilihan membership, di myzoomads kamu bebas menentukan jenis keanggotaan yakni Free Member, 5$ Duo Membership ataupun 10$ Trio Membership. 

Keuntungan membeli yang 10$ Trio Membership adalah kamu bisa mengakses atau membeli seluruh AdsPack mulai dari yang Shorterm, Midterm, Longterm sampai Fast Term Plan.

Setiap bisnis online seperti Triplethr3at, Trafficmonsoon ataupun Myzoomads pasti ada resiko kegagalan. Cara terbaik untuk memainkan atau menjalankan bisnis ini adalah.

  1. Daftar dengan modal awal semisal 100 dollar
  2. Tunggu beberapa minggu sampai kamu balik modal atau minimal sudah bisa Payout/ cashout lalu lakukan  proses withdrawal baik itu ke Payza, Perfectmoney, SolidTrustPay, Bitcoins, Neteller,  Skrill/ ataupun Payeer sebesar modal kamu yaitu 100 dolar secara bertahap semisal 10 dollar selama 10 kali withdrawal
  3. Itu artinya kini kamu hanya menjalankan keuntungan atau memutar uang dari hasil AdsPack karena modal awal kamu sudah di aman atau di withdrawal
  4. Apabila suatu saat website ini mengalami masalah atau gagal bayar, maka kamu tidak akan rugi karena modal awal sudah balik dan tentunya ditambah dengan keuntungan lainnya.

Berikut adalah kutipan tanya jawab tentang apa dan bagaimana myzoomads agar kamu lebih mengetahui lagi, maaf dalam bahasa Inggris. Kamu bisa gunakan Google Translate untuk mengartikannya.

Can I join and advertise on MyZoomAds as a free member?
Yes, My Zoom Ads is a globally accepted advertisement destination. Free members can even refer advertisers and can redeem their commissions. Free members are allowed to surf through the business directory listing of our advertisers

Is Myzoomads.com a hyip, ponzi, pyramid scheme, or illegal?
No, this is not an investment based HYIP, ponzi or pyramid scheme website in any form. 
We offer quality advertisement services.
Myzoomads provides a platform for targeted, effective and innovative advertisements and exceptional results.
When you purchase an advertisement package which offers 700 quality visits to your website, you will also receive a revenue sharing position. We are sharing a part of company's profit with selected members.
By clicking 6 ads, you can qualify for the revenue sharing for the day.
Revenue sharing process doesn't have a fixed time period nor has any guarantee. This depends completely on the sales volume of our advertisement services.

How can I earn money with Myzoomads.com?

Any one with simple skills can earn from our platform. After purchasing our ad packs for advertising your website or banners, you also qualifying for our revenue sharing (sharing the profit of company with customers) on every hour until it expires according to your pack purchased. You can earn money by referring members who are willing to spend money for our advertisement services. The referral commissions can be as high as 5-10% of the ad service purchase amount. The advertiser can earn an exceptional amount of money by targetting his website/referral link in our filtered business directory.

Am I required to surf ads to be qualified for ad pack earnings?
Yes, you are needed to surf 6 ads to qualify for your ad pack earnings

Can I create more than one account from the same IP Address?
Multiple accounts from same IP address is restricted at Myzoomads.com. We have a strict 'One account per IP' policy. This is to save our advertisers from having non-unique views and to avoid the exploitation of our revenue sharing feature.

Can I refer my family and friends?
Yes, you can refer. But they should have different payment processors for purchasing and withdrawal of earnings and should be on different IP. 
There's no stacking, nor creating accounts for loved ones using your payment processor account. 

Am I required to refer others to Myzoomads.com to be able to earn?
No, you are not required to refer in order to withdraw. But referring others is able to make some extra bonus through referral commissions according to the number of ad packs purchased by the referred member.

How can I contact owners and admins of Myzoomads.com?
You can use support buttons to contacts us. Almost 24/7 hours support is offered

- We have a live Facebook support group named Myzoomads.com(Official Fb Group) where you can interact with our beloved members and the admins personally

What happens when revenue doesn't come in?
When MyZoomAds does not receive revenue, payouts will cease until more revenue is gained. Members can look forward to earning their same share percentages when revenue growth continues. We encourage everyone to promote our company via your referral tools located in the members area. A team effort is needed for members to continue to take advantage of all benefits MyZoomAds has to offer. Share expiration speeds, Ad Pack revenue sharing, commissions are all dependant upon new revenue entering the system. In the rare instance that incoming revenue stops completely, further earnings are not guaranteed! 

What happens if a spam complaint is made about my referral URL?
We do NOT tolerate SPAM in any way. We investigate all SPAM complaints and if the
complaint is proven, your account will be deleted immediately and all your unpaid 
earnings will be forfeited. If your account is deleted for SPAM you will have no 
recourse against MyZoomAds.

Which payment processors are accepted in Myzoomads.com?
We accept: Payza/Perfectmoney/SolidTrustPay/Bitcoins/Neteller/Skrill/Payeer

Are there any monthly fees or subscriptions?
Yes. There is a 5$ or $10 monthly subscription fee.

If I want to exit from your program, Can I ask for refund?

Note: After your payment for Advertisement packs, it’s no longer your money, it goes to company’s assets and is shared with members and commission is paid to your sponsor. Also, advertisement credits are instantly added to your account and is instantly usable. 

How much is maximum payout per day?
So far we offer 100$ max payout per member and one request per day.

How long it takes to process withdrawal request and when can I withdraw?
We try to process withdrawal requests in less than 24 hours.

What's your minimum payout?
You can withdraw as soon as your account balance reach $10.

Can I promote all kind of websites?
We allow your website to be listed only if it is not a frame breaker and can be displayed in an ad frame. We don't allow pornographic and violent websites to be shown to our members. Repeated offenders will get their account suspended until further notice. 

What is a security code?
It's a feature integrated to our system for the security of the members. Members need to set up a security code and it is asked whenever you try to withdraw your balance.

Can I swap my payment processor?
If you have made an advertisement purchase, you are only allowed to withdraw through the same processor. We can't allow processor changes for security reasons. If you yet to make a purchase, you can withdraw the referral commissions through the respective processors only.

Who do I contact if I have any questions or concerns?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. There are two ways we prefer you contact us. The fastest way to get your question answered would be via our Facebook group –(MZA Fb Group Link). Send a request to join and our members will add you. Leave your question in the group and an admin or fellow group member will likely answer your question very promptly.
The second way to contact us is to leave a support ticket via the Support tab located at the top of our website browser. Just fill out the ticket with your question or concern and we will respond as soon as possible. 

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